About Us

Phillips Plumbing has been a family business for over 8 decades. Based in El Cerrito, CA, the Phillips' provide professional and friendly service. You can be confident that Phillips Plumbing will deliver quality work at competitive prices.  

Ralph Phillips, CA Contractors License #376637 

Ralph learned the plumbing trade as an apprentice to his father and grandfather. He has owned and operated Phillips Plumbing since 1979. Ralph has been a member of the PHCC Board since 1995 and served as President from 2003-2005. 

 Brian Phillips, CA Contractors License #929739

Brian is the 4th generation of Phillips Plumbing.  He is a licensed contractor in the state of California and has attended GreenPlumbers courses in Climate Care and Caring for Our Water. Brian and Ralph are both active members in the PHCC and Western Regional Master Builders Association.


Phillips Plumbing was founded by Llewelyn Phillips in 1928. During this time, El Cerrito was rapidly growing as families moved to the area. Llewelyn was working at Pullman Rails and East Bay MUD, and then saw the opportunity to provide residential plumbing services to the hundreds of new homes that were being built.
Llewelyn's son, Llyod, learned the plumbing trade from his father and, after returning from the war, took over the family business in 1952. The demand for new home development had subsided and the focus of the business transformed from new construction plumbing to service and repair.  At this time, Llyod's son, Ralph, was in his teenage years and started working with his father and grandfather. After Llyod retired in 1979, Ralph took over operations of the company.
Today, Ralph and his son, Brian, are the heart and soul of the family business. They continue to provide trustworthy service and quality work.

Llewelyn and Anne Phillips with son, Lloyd, and grandsons, Ralph and Paul. Photo taken in El Cerrito in 1952. 

Circa 1920. Llewelyn Phillips (in tractor) working for EBMUD in the Piedmont area.